Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I have not enabled the comment posting part of the blog and some had to email to send their comments. I will enable the comment part soon but let me just brief some of the questions raised and my answers.

Q1. Are you support group from Asia? Does Kinijit have one? We would like to be part of the struggle.
A1. No, I am not in Asia, neither do I know if Kinijit has support group out there. It\'s better you ask the other support groups (say the NA) if they have communications.

Q2. Is this blog temporary or permanent? It seems a month old before the update takes place from the previous post.
A2. I will keep it as long as I can. About the update, due to internet connection speed and other hustles on the internet in Ethiopia (in addition to time constraint) I will only be posting news which I get exclusively. I will not write news which are already on other websites/medias. Infact, main purpose of this blog is to get fresh news for the media so that they distribute it right away (in cases they do not get the information righthand). If individuals (not working for the media) get it before news is posted on other media, I have put an email link which you can forward to concerned.

Q3. I couldn\'t see any Ethiopian name in the list (in the letter sent). Is it because there are none who are members of the group (IDEAS) or left out purposely.
A3. I have no idea. Please visit their website networkideas dot org and send your request to the contact address there.

Well, these are some I picked for now.