Sunday, July 30, 2006


After so many appeals from the international community, prison authorities have moved Dr. Berhanu to another relatively \"better\" place. It\'s good to witness the prison authorities and the court who were deaf to hear Dr. Berhanu\'s personal appeal atleast listen somebody else.
Well now Dr. Berhanu is in a smaller room with about 21 of them (the prisoners) in it. The journalist Eskinder Nega is moved to kerchele the excuse being \"to make a room for Dr. Berhanu\" but what I don\'t get is why Andualem Aragie (one of the prisoners in Dr. Berhanu\'s previous room) is also moved to kerchele. So now three young prisoners (Muluneh, Esikender and Andualem) are in kerchele now.
The new mother, Serkalem, is kind of depressed worrying about her husband (Esikender) what they might do to him after he is moved to kerchele. I share her worry. It\'s always better to be together (or nearer in their case) for whatever goes on. Before, she was forced not to be with her newly born baby and now her husband is away, may God be with her and give her the strength she needs.
Did I hear Payne is in Sudan now? and that he\'s coming here sometime end of this week? I hope he be able to witness such tragic moments of a mother.

Kelbesa Negewo is going to be deported I read on the Washington Post. Will Meles and co. ever learn something from this? that they will never escape the truth and that the blood of those who have been masacared in June & November will hunt them down wherever they might go? that they will pay the price of what they are doing to the thousands innocent people all over the country? Time will tell.

People in Addis seem to be going away from the politics and current situation. I ask myself why would everybody sit quite while we were the one who told the beloved leaders not to enter the Woyane parliament. They listened to us and sacrificed themselves but it seems we have stopped listening to them. They wanted us to fight for our own freedom, they even went further in assigning us few individuals to work together with from the diaspora (the KIL) as we and the party here (if there is one) seems to be not moving and our response to their call... fight eachother and make Meles & co. laugh at us. I will not say anything right now but ask everybody concerned to get back to their conscious so that they be able to listen to what they are told. Again, time will tell. What\'s going on is helping nobody but Meles & co.