Sunday, August 20, 2006


The long awaited the \"make it or break it\" (as ER put it someday) meeting of the KNASC has been conducted and ended \"successfully\" over the weekend.
A brief highlight of the outcome of the two days meeting are:
1-Decision has been made on the website to be hand over to KIL
2-KIL unquestionably accepted and recorgnized
3-Their demand for making KIL answerable to NA denounced
4-the right of KIL to directly access and work with chapters without any third party interference
5-an enquiry commission was set up to investigate fraud and embseslment of finance and management
6-decision was also made that budget requested by the KIL for 6 months be released

This is indeed what we all are happy to see. No matter our personal differences, we are all fighting for the same cause and we should really be giving priority to that at this crucial time. The nation needs us more than ever and we can\'t afford wasting our time on our personal differences. The outcome of the weekends conference is a step forward. We are at level zero now. Let us not go negative anymore. Let us forgive eachother and move forward. Let the old politics not hold us anymore. If whoever is behind the whole mess, we are all ready to forgive you. We will forgive you and work with you. Like I said before, we are all fighting for the same cause... the release of our beloved leaders and freedom & democracy to our beloved nation.