Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Remembering November 1; Tikimit 22.

The following two documents are prepared and distributed in Ethiopia while Diaspora (I am refering to those in the \"leadership\" area) are busy fighting eachother to remember last year\'s crackdown in the country.
Though I would like to thank those who have not forgotten the prisoners and remembering this day by working hard the voice of the prisoners be heard all over the world.

Reports coming from Qaliti have it that the imprisoned leaders are having a hanger strtike in protest of their arrest and the massacar which took place last year in November.

I have tried to look around how the people in Addis are remembering this saddest day. I could not make interviews but here are some things I noticed the people doing their share in remembering the day by themselves.

Normally, people who would line up in the cinemas are almost empty today.
In almost evry taxi I circled around, it plays the famous song during the May 2005 election period, Teddy Afro\'s \"Jah Yasteseryal\". Those who are playing CDs put the song on a repeat mode and those playing magnetic cassettes made copies of cassettes only having that particular song.
Some are calling family members of the prisoners and victims of the massacare assuring their solidarity with them.
Some even did not go to their offices/schools but stayed home remembering the day.
Many are gorfing to the churches/mosque to make their prayers. The crowd especially around Urael which blocked traffic for long hours.
The list might go on and on but it is getting dark right now, the streets getting even quiter than normally they should at this hour and I decided I take a rest for the day\'s tour and put some of the papers I got and observations on this blog.

While Ethiopians are remembering this sad day with different activities, police is conducting heavy search for the past couple of days.

Some says the desperate actions the police taking are for fear of public civil disobedience and looking for the four page paper distributed everywhere telling the struggle should continue. Others say the search is taking place after the three explosions which took place last Sunday in different parts of the country.

Meanwhile the fake Iquiry Commission report on the June and November massacar has been presented to the \"parliament\". It was transmitted on the local ETV and I do not know how I can explain the drama. It is beyond one\'s imagination how far a dictator can go blind to stay in power with whatever means.

The new \"chair\" of the commission \"accidentally\" admitted that the PM was involved in the report before it is even out to the parliament as it was supposed to be while the fake commission and woyane members in the parliament claim the report produced to the parliamet is independent of anything/anyone not to mention the so called report\'s contradictions between lines.

Evidently, the PM and other top officials of TPLF were not present to take the embarassement.

My prayers to those who could have been with us right now but became prays to the Agazi forces with their bare hands this time last year, to those who are thrown to jail and different camps and still languishing in there, to those who are hiding in the bushes playing with rats and insects, to those who are in exile leaving their comfortable life for the democratic struggle, to family members of all victims who are still suffering and may the Almighty God give them the strength they need.