Monday, April 30, 2007

Not much of a surprise

Not much of a surprise indeed. I feel like the court will never go out of reasons to drag this trial. Today's sham trial ended with nothing concrete.
The leaders asked if they could get the charge in which all of them requested the court in writing. Ato Bedru presented his defence in which Shimelis could not make a single proper cross examination as he didn't have the chance to read an already prepared document/questions that he used to do during the previous trails. Tomorrow being a public holiday, the court was adjourned for Wednesday afternoon to decide whether to give the leaders the charge they requested in full copies or not.
That gave them a day and a half for... may be the restarted negotiation?? It seems the court is not going anywhere but just buy time till something happens before it can even think of any ridiculous verdict. That's what every moment of the court drama is telling us... it can't do anything (justice if I have to remind) but wait for what Zenawi got to say/do.