Sunday, April 15, 2007

visited visitors... not allowed!

Those "freed" journalists and the few members of CUD came to visit their "ex-cellmates" this weekend only to return back home without making it. Prison authorities would not allow them to get in. It was not just only the "freed" prisoners who were not allowed to get in. All family members who came with them were also sent back. One lady was complaining why she can't visit the other prisoners but the respond from one of the guards was "balish tefetalish, yemitigebibet mikiniyat yelem" (your husband is out. there's no need to go in there for you).
I wonder if any of the so called "international community" and/or western media has approached any of those who got out of qaliti.

Still neither the court nor the prison authorities have allowed the prisoners to get together and discuss the issue at stake before making any decision.
It is to be remembered that the prosecutor objected their request to get together and discuss for fear "they would appoint a higher council within the prison to run CUD in the country". Good to know they believe the party still exists unlike their propoganda over the local media and in some of the PM speeches eventhough its leaders are languishing in jail for more than seventeen months.