Friday, June 29, 2007

Now we got confirmation

I guess my earlier article was a bit late for the call I made.

Zenawi just officially announced (lied!) there has been no negotiation at all and that our leaders’ case is in “the hands of the court”.

“Things like ‘pardon’ or anything follow after the court’s sentencing. There is no way anyone could go in the court’s way. That would mean disrespecting the court’s order” he was heard saying to the parliament on the national TV yesterday. This just proved he already have changed his mind, or may be he had it already planned all the way along and was playing his dirty game. The point here is chances they might be released at the moment is zero.

What’s worse is he might not be able to have any deal anymore with our leaders. They have had many experience of his dirty (as Professor Mesfin put it “duriye”) games before they were imprisoned during the post election. He knows they care for the people and they might be tempted to go a mile further than they should if they feel it is for the good of the people & the country. But Zenawi, he does not have the slightest care for the people and the country. So yes, he, usually turns out to be winner of his dirty games. One good example in the post election before they were imprisoned was the last minute cancellation of the stay-home strike. Our leaders called for a stay at home strike if Zenawi does not return the votes he stole. Zenawi knew what that meant. He couldn’t risk, at that moment, the world see what really was going on in Ethiopia. A strike is one the western would not love to see. So Zenawi run up and down with diplomats residing in the country. He persuaded our leaders to call off the strike just a night before it was supposed to take place by promising them what not. Our leaders thought it was for the best of the country and the people. Little did they know Zenawi is one big crook they ever came across (oh, well they knew, but still they were optimist Zenawi would be a human being and as a government of one nation, would abide by an agreement he makes). Many occasions he done that. The latest one is the recent negotiation. It has been nineteen months and our leaders give it a shot when the agreement seemed sensible. He did it again and thinks he won. What Zenawi missing is, this was also his biggest chance he could have come out a bit of a human being and someone which our leaders might consider talking more and try to get this country out of this impasse. He had the chance to come out hero had he never rigged any of the vote we gave to our leaders in 2005. A historic moment he missed. And now this. When everybody thought he has become a lesser evil, he let us down. He let our country down. He let our leaders down. Question now is, where would he be heading if the prisoners say “okay, that’s it. We thought we were dealing in a civilized way with a civilized being. If that’s not the case we are out of any negotiation that might arise. We will just see what happens while in prison.”