Friday, July 20, 2007

A not so interesting recorded tape is being played on ETV, an interview with the shimagiles.
Prof. Ephraim, Athlet Haile, Paster Daniel, Ambassador Bekele, and Ato Tamiru were being displayed for the interview. Neither the interviewer nor the interviwees talkd about the allged guilt letter which is being displayed on ETV. It was only "asking pardon" and "granting pardon" they were talking about. Haile even stressed when such thing happens, nobody should be talking about it over and over (this works for the shameless government media which are barking about "guilt letter" still now starting from Monday). "Everyone knows himself. Whether he did good or bad, he knows himself. There is no need talking about it again and again" Haile added.

Citizens of Addis are all excited that many are marching to residents of the prisoners they know of.

Meanwhile the pardon included restoring our leaders rights which were stripped off during their sentencing. Today is just the begining of everything. I strongly hope and pray it is the begining of the good for our forsaken country.

I thank God for making me able to witness such joy in my life and pray for the best.