Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Kinijit International Leadership meeting and others....

The KIL had a meeting on Saturday and assigned the following individuals from the 12 leadership appointed a while back.

Chairperson - Major Yoseph Yazew
Vice Chairperson - Dr. Moges G.Mariam
Secretary - Ato Berhane Mewa
Organizational Affairs (Diaspora & Ethiopia) - Ato Andargachew Tsege
Diplomacy - Dr. Seyoum Solomon
Research and Studies - Ato Getachew Wana
PR and Media - Ato Mamo Yihune
Finance - Ato Solomon Bekele

For now this is just what I discovered and do not have any comment on the matter yet.


Dr. Berhanu Nega is getting pretty well. He left the hospital yesterday and was present at the court. Prisoners missed him so much that you could see the excitment through their eyes when they saw him. He seems to miss being with them too. He was heard saying he wants to get back to prison as soon as possible when he was there (unlike Iftin\'s stupid speculation that prisoners are making \"excuses\" by goign to hospitals to \"get away\").
The Doctor who has been eximining him recommended that he don\'t go back to the same small cell which hosts 300+ prisoners as it might revoke his breathing problem. I could not confirm where they put him yet but looking to it.
During his last minutes at the hospital, I was able to witness something odd. Prof. Andreas Eshete happens to be his \"visitor\" on Saturday. I have no idea what he was doing I bet neither Berhanu had any but Andreas had lot of time talking to him, much more time than the one allowed for \"normal\" visitors.
It is good to have Berhanu back anyways.


I still don\'t get it why nothing is being done about Muluneh\'s case. He has been in confinment for months and yet not a single thing I heard of looking into it. Ofcourse the \"judge\" have asked the police to get him detail on Muluneh\'s status but come on, are we expecting anything from that? I heard the judge teasing \"alem bekagn chelema esir bet ale ende?\" when Muluneh complained about his situation at one time. Expecting something from such would be fooling ourselves. I am asking the so called diaspora (esp. the NA/KIL leadership) to appeal to international communities, human right organizations, AI and all concerned instead of arguing eachother and making statements now and then.


I heard with my disapora ears that Honorable Chris Smith and Donald Payne have agreed on a unified and strong Bill which they are expected to announce on Monday (yesterday) but have not get it yet. The mark up on the bill by the International Committee will be today.