Sunday, October 15, 2006

Development on Alemayehu Fantu

After a week long torture and subject to harsh weather day and night, Alemayehu has now joined another 14 prisoners who have been detained earlier in relation to the recent distribution of the calendar and the book by Dr. Nega where he could get shelter and receive family visits as of yesterday.

This development comes after Amnesty International released a report concerning Alemayehu\'s torture on October 13 which came after the news post on Ethio-Zagol on October 12.

It was learnt that Alemayehu is able to talk though he still seems to be very week from the torture he received.

As has been reported on Ethio-Zagol, a task force investigating the recent book and calendar distribution is hunting down citizens. The wereda 8 prison is dedicated for this purpose and already got 15 prisoners so far.