Wednesday, October 18, 2006


The past week brought us another drama in our country’s politics.

The only hope, atleast we Ethiopians in Ethiopia, had in the current situation in our country with our leaders being prisoned – the diaspora failed us – or rather shown has it is no hope after all. Without siding any of the group, it’s really a shame to witness such a disgrace in our country’s politics. Leaving me alone, a single layman, I could not imagine how the languishing prisoners at Qaliti would feel hearing what just happened. Ofcourse they’ve been hearing the mess the diaspora was into but were trying not to let it go this low… or atleast, as everyone in Ethiopia feels, hoping the whole mess would someday stop and Ethiopians in diaspora lead the struggle united which we could not do it here because of the luck of leadership in addition to being prey to the predators governing the country.

I could not help asking myself why this? I mean how can any two with same interest (atleast from what each side is telling us) can go down this low and forget 70 million people at stake for something I still don’t understand (if ever there’s one more than the issue at hand – the country’s freedom)? The very thing that’s keeping EPRDF alive this long is it’s unity. Have you ever noticed how the regime survived from the dead by the “yekurit qen wedajoch”? Amare Aregawi of the Reporter used to be very critic of the regime before the election. But when it comes to the survival of the regime, he turned upside down and stood beside it. I don’t know what his mission or whatever is but he is there for its being (used to be TPLF cc as you all know) when the regime needed one. Even the major tabloid AIGA used to be moderate and critic to the government to even have links of oppositions in its website a while back. That was before the leaders are imprisoned and the whole idea of kinijit fell in the hands of coward diaspora.

Yes, we cannot deny the fact how united EPRDF operates when it comes to survival (ofcourse this does not include its members with sane mind and humanity). Shamefully with our leaders being in prison, the least the diaspora could do was just keep Kinijit alive but rather, diaspora is killing it… killing the hope Ethiopians and the visionary leaders sacrificed for.

I would like to ask those involved in this mess, if their mind is still sane enough to answer, what could possibly they loose if they could just work together and stop pointing fingers at eachother? What are they fighting for to gain? Can’t they just look around how the media on the net like ethiomedia is doing? How civic and advocacy groups like the Task Force for H.R.5680 are doing with what one can say bare hands with no personal gain at all? Would it be surprising if the so called international community ignored us for what we call a representing body of the prisoners in diaspora don’t really know what it/they want? I mean you (the diaspora) is confusing us let alone those foreigners who live in a totally different environment. Really what is your answer if the diplomats ask you what you really want and what your really are doing practically? Ofcourse the layman, the media and the advocacy groups have answers for such questions with practical evidences but I’m particularly interested in the answers those who are fighting eachother.

Does anyone have the slightest idea of the Ethiopians paying their sacrifice as I write this? Does anyone have the slightest idea of the torture true Ethiopians are receiving right now while you diaspora is worrying about what release you’re going to make or talk? Does anyone have the slightest idea of those patriots who are hiding in the bushes as they are being hunted down by the regime while you diaspora is sleeping on your comfortable bed?

We are days behind before we get to the anniversary of the beloved prisoners but all the diaspora could come up is crush everybody’s heart at home. The leaders are languishing in a prison for a year standing for what they believed in from the very beginning. To see free Ethiopia with their sacrifice. The least we could do would have been just echo what they are saying as they cannot be heard outside their cells.

Can’t the diaspora leave aside its differences at this critical time and be effective on what it claims wants to do? Doesn’t it bother you you’re playing games with the lives of many back home? Doesn’t it bother you right now you are more responsible than the current regime for everything to go this slow (or we might not even see any difference at all)? Doesn’t it bother you when we Ethiopians back home loose our hope with just few piece of papers you wrote over the weekend while we really deserve more than that? Doesn’t it bother you you’re totally ignoring/forgetting us while same time you’re preaching us you’re doing this and that for “the struggle”? Doesn’t it bother you mentioning the prisoners at Qaliti and Kinijit in your releases while deep down you totally forgot them all and try to make your pointless point?

I don’t think an animal is capable of leaving it’s own kind to a predator and go for its meal. All we wanted was you Ethiopians in diaspora to take the struggle where it stopped united for we are running out of all what we could. Many sacrificed their lives on a daylight two times last year – in June and November – not mentioning all other who are hunted down and never knew they are even dead. Is it really worth the fight you got into, diaspora? Is your fight really worth all those lost bloods on the streets?

I call upon every disapora to come back to his/her sense and see what is really happening at home and what really your are doing up there.

I am not asking for negotiations and releases pointing eachother. Now that the truth is out please no more self denial arguments. It is almost known who is who now. I am sure you Ethiopians in diaspora know which is right and wrong (I’m talking about the public excluding those in the executives of any side). Since it is the people who should lead, support the right one and condemn and get their senses back of the wrongs or leave them alone if they don’t like. It doesn’t take a genius to see who is right and who is wrong.
We in Ethiopia knew what was right and what was wrong. We voted for Kinijit and said no to EPRDF. Simple as that. Only in our case we have been stolen at gun point. You diaspora don’t have such problem and I don’t see any difficulty in picking the right one and supporting it and MOVING FORWARD!!! FIGHT FOR THE RELEASE OF ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS AND STOP THE HUMAN RIGHT ABUSE ON CITIZENS!!!!

Frustrated Ethiopian from Ethiopia.