Friday, March 23, 2007

No surprise from my side

As expected... again... the joke trial is adjourned with an excuse of absence of the main judge. They also put the reason that the time they had to make the decision is short. Com'on! Why don't you tell us Meles needs more time to think about it as he is in no position to decide on the issue right now?

Is the shimigilina still going on? I heard after the last (March 5) trial and their third ridiculous request (no offence) the "shimagiles" were told to start another negotiation which means two weeks wouldn't be enough for another ridiculous "requests" hence had to push the trial further... and that is just what happened today(?).

When will these "shimagilles" would ever get the fact that a shimigilina is not just being a conduit but had to listen from both sides and try to get both sides to a common sense? I mean one is okay, two... well... may be but three times?! they were asking the leaders those ridiculous requests from Meles as they three times! Again no offence (I really have great respect for these guys) but I'm not really getting it why these good men are so loosing the word "moral" in them. This is just telling me how our society is going way down when it comes to moral. In the good old days, it was religious fathers who try to mediate when something such happens. I'm not expecting any from the current religious leaders. Their moral is gone way long time ago. Now, looks like the "virus" is spreading in everyone of us including the people we have much respect for.

Oh, I almost forgot, as if it matters, the trial is again postponed to next week Friday (March 30) for "decision", according to the two judges presented today. I guess you're getting used to what to expect.